Perfect smile thanks to your iPhone, who said that brushing your teeth was boring? -


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Saturday, 13 January 2018

Perfect smile thanks to your iPhone, who said that brushing your teeth was boring?

CES 2018 is leaving us with an open mouth with the huge amount of gadgets that are presenting: from TVs that make us want to take ours to the clean point and start saving fantastic gadgets for our Apple devices that are going to make them much more useful if it fits. But what would become of the Consumers Electronic Show without curious gadgets? Well, a much more boring place!

For the moment, I've been fascinated by the robots that do pole dance , but this contraption made in Colgate is not far behind. And it is the time of the toothpaste and the traditional brush has already passed, I tell you more: even the electric toothbrush is demodé . The next great success in terms of dental hygiene is the Colgate Smart Electronic Toothbrush E1 that uses artificial intelligence and your iPhone to leave your teeth white.

Colgate has teamed up with Apple so that, using the ResearchKit platform and artificial intelligence, we can see in real time how we brush our teeth and improve in this task . Dr. Patricia Verduin of Colgate explained it during the CES 2018 conference:

    Our goal is simple, we want people to have the healthiest smiles they can thanks to brushing their teeth. For this the first step is to understand how teeth are washed and Apple ResearchKit is a powerful tool to achieve it.

In other words, this innovative toothbrush integrates several 3D motion sensors to detect the effectiveness of brushing in 16 areas of the mouth. With the app we can see how well (or badly) we do it and learn the proper technique to not leave us dirty sections. The more we brush our teeth, the more our brush learns from us .

If you are interested in improving your dental hygiene and have an iPhone, at the moment Colgate is launching this product in the United States, through the Apple website and certain Apple Stores ... but there is no idea of ​​expansion. Its retail price is $ 99.95, much cheaper than going to the dentist . And less painful. 

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