Prepare your Apple Watch for this incredible watchOS 5 concept -


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Thursday, 18 January 2018

Prepare your Apple Watch for this incredible watchOS 5 concept

We love watchOS , the smartwatch operating system of the bitten apple company is great. However, he still has many things to polish .

Today we have discovered a design concept for watchOS 5 , the next version of the operating system, which looks spectacular on the Apple Watch. You can not lose this!

Almost certainly, Apple will announce watchOS 5 in June this 2018 . The new version of the operating system for Apple Watch will have a lot of benefits, improvements, changes and functions in the wearable.

watchOS 5: a spectacular design that Apple should keep in mind

Matt Birchler has created a nice collection of images in which he suggests a very interesting watchOS 5 concept. This concept, entitled "watchOS 5: a relatively modest proposal" offers some options and features to take into account.

The concept shows us new and much more complete spheres, with more information especially in third-party applications . According to Matt Birchler, this is the most recommended change for the new watchOS 5 version of the Apple Watch operating system.

"The number one function I want in watchOS 5 is that third-party applications are able to press on Siri's sphere. As I mentioned in the watchOS 4 review last year, the Siri sphere is one of the best features of the Apple Watch. It's one of my most used spheres, especially when I'm at work and I have many events on my calendar. Being able to see events instantly is really useful. "

On the other hand, the design also suggests an environmental sphere so that the Apple Watch always shows the time. This could be achieved by illuminating the white pixels on the wearable OLED screen.

Among other ideas to highlight this concept we find functions related to health, support with the reproduction of Podcasts and much more.

Via | iPhone Hacks 

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