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Monday, 29 January 2018

Private answers, searches and shortcuts in the latest WhatsApp

A new version of WhatsApp has just arrived to us, and is now available for all users to download on their devices. With it, come some new and curious improvements and features.

This is version 2.18.20 of WhatsApp, a minor update that improves some things that users had been asking for. Keep reading to find out about all their news!

New features have arrived 

Although the App Store ensures that this new WhatsApp update only fixes some bugs, the app's change log tells us that they also changed some small details . Here we leave you.

1) WhatsApp took a while studying a way to stop spam , however, in this update we can no longer find traces of this method .

2) If a user opens a group to which they no longer belong, either by expulsion or because the group was closed, they can use the private answer option. We see this function when we select the message and click on answer. The user that has been answered will receive a private message from us , preventing us from being totally cut off.

3) Now the emojis will look great even when we respond to a specific message - as in the image above.

4) In this version you can search for a specific user within the groups. In addition, now the administrators will appear first in the list of members.

5) Now there is a button that indicates that we have been mentioned when we entered a WhatsApp chat, just above the arrow to go to the bottom of the conversation -this is something that we can find in Telegram as well-.

WhatsApp updates its application every so often, and although sometimes it messes up with the features it implements, they are usually there to solve everything quickly .

Have you already updated the WhatsApp app on your iPhone? Leave us your answer in the comments!

Via | WABetaInfo 

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