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Thursday, 25 January 2018

Problems doing a backup with iTunes, what to do?

As good and responsible iOS users, you will surely have a good backup routine that allows you to maintain a strong support at all times to support you in case something goes wrong on your devices. And, if it is like that and you have decided that iTunes is the place where you want to store them, then maybe you have encountered some other problem.

Let's be honest, the easiest and simplest thing would be to leave iCloud activated and allow our iPhone or iPad to periodically store a new copy, however, many people do not like it so much depending on the cloud, and it's something perfectly understandable. For all of you, today we want to give you a little help with those errors that may have appeared during the creation of backup copies in iTunes.

Check that iTunes is installed correctly 

First, and before any type of error, regardless of the code of the same or the description, the main thing is to check that we have the latest version of iTunes installed on our computer. Sometimes, the Apple Software Updater keeps a little surprise from time to time, and that may be why we can not backup it.

On the other hand, you must remember that your phone must be connected to the PC or the Mac by means of a USB cable, nothing Wi-Fi for this type of tasks. And if your program is unable to detect the phone or tablet, then perhaps you should reinstall iTunes to try to reinstall the necessary drivers (in the case of Windows).

Errors can also occur due to the PC or the device itself 

Although it will not always tell you iTunes, it is also possible that the source of the problems you are having reside on the device itself, or on the PC or Mac. Remember to keep your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or whatever you want that is connected to iTunes with the latest software version. If you want to check if there is a new update, you can go to the Settings app, General section, Software update .

And finally, maybe you should check that you have enough space to make the copy. And is that the copies of iTunes, store much more information than the iCloud, and can be quite heavy (the limit is on the capacity of your device), so you should always keep that in mind. If all else fails, try to contact Apple Support from this link .

And you, how do you make your backup copies?

More information | Manzana 

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