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Saturday, 6 January 2018

Problems of stock of batteries before the program of substitution of Apple

At the end of last year there was confirmation of a complaint from a large part of iPhone users, especially from iPhone 6 and up. It was the company itself that confirmed it, slow down the performance of the device to have a better management of the battery .

The case, discovered by a 17-year-old , put consumers on the warpath. Apple counterattacked by offering a program to replace batteries at a reduced price of 29 euros, and that means a reduction of 60 euros compared to 89 euros of the original cost.

The avalanche of replacement requests has not been made wait, and therefore, the Californian company is facing a serious problem, the lack of stock to undertake repairs .

There are many cases in which, after having made an appointment in your reference Apple Store, are on arrival that can not make the replacement for lack of components.

 David Coxe @Rockhall73

@AppleSupport : here’s a novel idea: If I make an appointment for a new battery and you run out of said battery, CALL ME and tell me not to waste my gas.
4:34 - 4 ene. 2018 · Westlake, OH

And not only there are inconveniences due to the high volume of work, there has also been the case of a user who paid $ 79 just started the scandal and is now having many difficulties to recover the $ 50 difference . Apple is only reimbursing the difference for iPhone owners who have had their batteries replaced after December 14, 2017.

The reduction of the battery replacement price is available to any user with an iPhone 6 or later, regardless of the results of the diagnostic tests that are performed. Now it is necessary to arm yourself with patience and wait for everything to return to normal.

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