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Wednesday, 17 January 2018

RCS, the revolutionary alternative to WhatsApp

Lately, news about WhatsApp, about the improvements it is preparing and how it wants to be a more powerful tool, has not stopped coming out. Its use in Spain is tremendously popular, and worldwide reaches one seventh of the population, about one billion people.

The RCS, or Rich Communications Services, are the result of a technology involving a conglomerate of mobile operators, manufacturers and Google itself , which integrates it into Android, its mobile operating system. And it is known that where is Google there is interest.

This technology is not an app in itself that must be installed, but it would be part of the device as if it were a native application. In fact, these RCS come to be an improved SMS . We could make a comparison of them like those of our beloved Messages application .

This way of communicating would have several advantages, such as being very safe (such as SMS) and possibilities such as geolocalising, which can be used by some companies to launch offers or services depending on our location . It seems that among the business world there is some reluctance to use apps like WhatsApp, famous among other reasons for suffering constant drops in service.

Curiously, it is in Spain, bastion of WhatsApp, where this technology has a good field to prosper, since the agreements of the operators with Google or are made, or have signs of being signed soon. Although of course, the most important thing is missing: the success factor . Removing the WhatsApp post does not seem like an easy task, you just have to see the number of apps that were kept in promises and did not come to fruition. Perhaps Telegram is the only one that resists the onslaught of the Facebook app.

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