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Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Restore a backup on iPhone: When should not you do it?

Many of you will be releasing iPhone in this Christmas period, or maybe you are waiting for the day January 6 to bring our three wise men from the East. Whatever iPhone you are going to have, the feeling of brand new phone can be impoverished if we restore an old backup.

We recognize that the security copies that we keep on our computer or in iCloud are 100% faithful. It saves everything, call record, screenshots, iMessages, contacts, and it is undeniable that it is a luxury to be able to restore a backup of all this if we need it .


Now, have you stopped to think how many applications you have saved in your old iPhone that you will not use in the new one? Why re-install the Facebook app if you eat my battery and more than 200 MB of storage?

Maybe it's still a good time that when you go to release your new device you do it like a new iPhone . You can prioritize which applications you will use frequently to have them on the home screen and not have folders with many apps that you have not used in a long time.


The same can be said about photos and videos. Should you carry all those old photos on top? . It is clear that there are unforgettable memories, but for that we have the Fototeca to store them in streaming and access them quickly, or we can store them on a hard disk or on our computer.


Well, what do I do with the contacts? Well, most of us do not remember the majority numbers, but you can add the ones you use the most from one copy of iCloud one by one. It may seem silly, but perhaps it is a good option to clean up our contact agendas that we have not called for years.

This way we can have the real feeling of having a real new iPhone when we release it. And like all the advice we give, do not ever take them as an immovable dogma , but I just did it with a new iPad that I am premiering and the feeling of cleanliness is incredible.

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