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Sunday, 28 January 2018

Run, sausage, run! A fun game for iPhone and iPad

This week we are going to recommend a game whose protagonist is none other than a sausage, yes, you read it correctly: a sausage. The adventures that this food has to travel are quite curious, avoiding the kitchen gadgets that can hurt you .

The game is quite simple, with the help of your finger you must guide the sausage so that it is not cut by guillotines, knives or circular saws or else it is charred by fire. In your ability is the life of this food.

The mechanics of the game is very simple, you must go forward and avoid all the gadgets that will take your life and make you return to the beginning. These dangers are blades, clubs, fire, saws and all those that you can imagine and that you can find in the kitchen. The truth is that it has a touch something gore.

As you progress you will get coins and prizes such as that all the devices are frozen for a while or to enjoy an aura of protection with which you avoid cuts. You can also enjoy skins that will give your sausage a different look . As you progress through the game, you can transform yourself into a burrito.

The game is oriented like an authentic passages, where there is no strategy other than survival and as each time you lose your life you return to the beginning it is relatively easy to memorize where the obstacles are . The said ideal to kill the dead hours.

The download is free but you know, there is advertising that you can remove paying just over one euro. Even so the game is worth it because the mechanics are very simple but it guarantees a lot of fun time , so we recommend you give it a try and try it.
¡Corre, salchicha, corre!
¡Corre, salchicha, corre!

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