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Friday, 19 January 2018

Samsung does not want any "notch" in its future iPhone X

The upper front frame (also known popularly as "notch") of the iPhone X has been widely criticized by Apple fans. However, up to now the existing technology did not allow the camera to be integrated in any other way on the screen. Until now, I insist.

A couple of days ago we published a story about a Samsung patent in which it could be seen perfectly how the company played with the idea of embedding a top frame for the camera on top of the OLED screen of its terminals. A frame exactly identical to the "notch" of the iPhone X.

Today, a new patent from Samsung suggests that the company is planning an innovative way to overcome the "notch" of the iPhone X. How? With holes in the OLED screen. So is. Samsung could integrate its front camera into the screen of their smartphones, and it would be a technological achievement.

Samsung could integrate its camera into the OLED screen

The patent describes a method for applying holes in a flexible OLED screen for the camera, for the speakers and for other sensors. It illustrates how this design would allow the entire area of ​​the screen to be used to display digital content.

As for the tactile gestures that Apple has implemented in its iOS software in order to remove the iconic Home button, the patent does not seem to pick up ideas to implement a similar technology. The patent shows the conventional Android start button.

On the other hand, it has been mentioned that Samsung is working on its own version of Face ID and Animojis.

The "notch" has been one of the most controversial elements after the launch of the iPhone X. But many users end up getting used to it and their new tactile gestures. What do you think about the upper front frame of the iPhone X? Will Samsung implement the camera inside the screen?

Via | 9to5mac 

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