Samsung will give the "final thrust" to the frames of smartphones -


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Saturday, 20 January 2018

Samsung will give the "final thrust" to the frames of smartphones

Samsung wants to eliminate the front frame permanently. In general, the smartphone industry is well on the way to eliminating front frames. However, Samsung wants to end what remains of this structure. In a set of patents registered and now published on the Internet, the company reveals its vision for the next phones of the Note and Galaxy line.

The company wants to go further than Apple, Xiaomi or Essential and create a team without any front frame
The project to eliminate the frontal frame goes to meet well-known ambitions: hide the sensors behind the display, so that it can occupy its visible space. The operation of these is ensured thanks to a system of holes of microscopic size, which ensures contact with the outside.

If the South Korean giant manages to materialize the concept of annulling the frontal frame, the next smartphones of the company can present a screen ratio even greater than the iPhone X or Xiaomi Mi Mix.

The patents exhibited here were published by the company last May.

The latest indicators from Samsung integrate the front sensors in the upper zone, accommodated in a small projection that still does not allow us to say that these phones have completely eliminated the front frame. Smartphones such as the iPhone X and the Essential Phone opt for a different architecture, concentrating the sensors in a smaller area, to the center of the equipment.

Keep in mind that this is only a patent, so it can never materialize in a real product. In addition, the document registered by the company also shows some versions in which small upper projections are visible, as already exists in the Essential Phone.

The Samsung Galaxy S9, whose leaks already circulate online, still should not present any of these styles, since the published images show models very similar to their predecessors.

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