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Friday, 19 January 2018

Search my iPhone: how to configure and use all its functions

Your iPhone, your iPad, your AirPods, your Apple Watch ... these are all devices that you are used to in your day to day, without paying too much attention to the fact that perhaps 90% of your life is stored in all of them. Therefore, when we lose one of them , it hurts a little in the soul - and in the pocket, everything has to be said.

Today we're going to help you set up Find my iPhone , a feature that, although it seems exclusive to Apple's mobile phone, also allows us to search our AirPods, iPad and Apple Watch. Keep reading to discover all its functions!

What is Find my iPhone

nding my iPhone is a service that Apple launched in 2010 , available mainly for iOS 5. Since then, the system has grown and has allowed us to track more devices than we thought, with more options for each of them. they.

With this service, you will be able to track the gadgets that you have lost or that have been taken from you without your consent. It is available for a number of devices such as Apple Watch, AirPods, Mac, iPod touch, iPad and, of course, iPhone .

How to activate it on your iPhone and iPad 

If you want to activate this feature on your iOS devices, you just have to follow the steps outlined below:

  •     Open the Settings application.
  •     Touch in your name.
  •     Touch the iCloud option.
  •     Scroll down until you find the option Find my iPhone .
  •     Once inside it, activate it and follow the configuration process. 

In addition, you can activate the "Send last location" function so that your iPhone emits a signal when it is about to turn off.

Do not worry about your AirPods or the Apple Watch. If both devices are associated with your iCloud account, this option will be automatically activated when it is powered on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. There is no doubt that the Apple system is quite intelligent, and it works best when you have multiple branded devices.

How to locate my device 

If you've lost your iPhone, you're probably wondering how you can locate it quickly . From the iCloud website you can do all this procedure, click here to be redirected to it in a second.

According to the Apple website, you can only search for your terminal on your website if you meet the following requirements :

  •     If I find my iPhone it is configured in the terminal that you want to find, be it a Mac or an iPhone.
  •     If the Apple Watch is linked to your iPhone .
  •     The device is connected .

    If your AirPods are out of their case . You can track the wireless headphones of Apple using any device with iOS -linked with them, of course-, but you can only do it with one at a time. If you have already found one of them, save it in its case and update the map to show the other one. 

A family member has lost his iPhone, what to do? 

If a family member has lost their gadget and was part of a group of the Family Share feature of iOS, then you can track your device by following these steps:

    Once you have logged in on the Find my iPhone page in iCloud, click on All devices .
    Select the terminal you want to find. 

And ready. If the terminal appears as a green dot on the screen, it means it is connected . If, on the other hand, a gray dot appears, it means that you have not connected, but you will see the last connection if it was recently connected.

You can also perform this procedure from an iPhone or iPad that is within the group Share in family. You just have to open the Find my iPhone application found on all iOS devices. 

Finding a mobile device has never been easier than with Apple services. If you have lost your iPhone or any other brother device, we hope that this article has helped you to find them.

Have you ever had to use this function? Leave us your answer in the comments!

Via | Manzana 

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