Sharp and Japan Display could make OLED panels for the 2018 iPhone -


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Saturday, 13 January 2018

Sharp and Japan Display could make OLED panels for the 2018 iPhone

One of the news that brought us the year 2017 was that the iPhone X , the flagship of Apple and with irregular sales results depending on the place, mounted for the first time on an Apple device an OLED screen .

As we know, it is Samsung, the Korean manufacturer, who manufactures these OLED panels for Californians, and they also do it with a very high level of quality . He also wants part of this LG cake, as we announced some time ago, who wants to work with the Cupertino.

Well, the battle to get part of the orders of the 2018 iPhone has only just begun, as Sharp and Japan Display also enter the bid to manufacture the panels of Apple's future smartphones.

Sharp could also assemble flexible OLED displays in some of its own high-end models of smartphones that will launch in 2018. Today, China has a total of 13 factories capable of manufacturing OLED panels of the right size for a phone. The combined production capacity of these 13 factories will reach 350,000 units per month if all are capable of working together.

The total production capacity of OLED panels from panel manufacturers in South Korea, Chiina and Japan is clear that it will far exceed the real demand in the coming years, which will cause an oversupply of these panels, and who knows if this would lead to a decrease in their prices.

It is likely that the applications of the OLED panels extend from the mobile phones themselves to other types of products, such as tablets. It has been speculated that the next iPad Pro this year could mount an OLED screen , but for now is something that does not seem viable because of the high price of manufacturing these panels. In the future, you will see.

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