Sony's AirPods will be more expensive than Apple's originals -


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Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Sony's AirPods will be more expensive than Apple's originals

As you well know, CES 2018 started today in Las Vegas, the first of the technology fairs that will take place throughout this year around the world. We follow with special attention all the news that can be presented and that we can use with our Apple devices.

We do not stop singing the goodness of the AirPods, the famous wireless headphones that have managed to gain a foothold in this market, and that without a doubt, they are good hearing aids and that besides that, they have been a sales success . But still, let's review what Sony brings to this technological meeting.


This model is intended to be the direct competitor of Apple's wireless, with the addition of being resistant to sweat and splashes. They have therefore a total sporting character . They will be available in spring and at a price similar to those of Cupertino.


If instead you are looking for something more static, not wireless, but with an adequate balance and a sharpness that can leave us speechless, this model of headband promises a lot. With a diaphragm of liquid crystal polymer with aluminum coating, they have a frequency of up to 100 kHz, which is surprising. Its price, around 250 euros.


This model with full sporty character, and also resistant to outdoor conditions, such as rain or small splashes , and the brand's ExtraBass feature will also be in duel with the AirPods. Its price, around 125 euros. A great price without a doubt.


With a price of around 67 euros, we find the latter. They have certified IPX4 resistance and although they do not have noise cancellation, their battery guarantees you 8 hours of autonomy .

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