Spanish consumers (Facua) will denounce Apple for slowing down the iPhone -


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Thursday, 11 January 2018

Spanish consumers (Facua) will denounce Apple for slowing down the iPhone

The scandal of the slowdown of the iPhone or batterygate chips continues to grow and Apple accumulating millionaire demands . If a few days ago we spoke to you of several countries that had filed complaints in a group for the controversial measure of Apple to reduce the frequency of operation of the processors of the iPhone to avoid sudden blackouts, even exposing themselves to go to jail because of the legislation French , now it is the Spanish consumer organizations that join the demand.

In fact, Facua has recently confirmed to the newspaper El Confidencial that this same week they plan to file a lawsuit against the signature of the bitten apple so that an investigation can be initiated in the event of a possible batterygate fraud. As explained by Ruben Sanchez, Facua spokesperson:

    We believe that Apple has been able to commit two crimes, one against consumers, for possible fraud, since they have added a 'software' to intentionally manipulate the useful life of the phones without informing the users, and another possible crime of damage or computer sabotage, for altering a product by modifying its computer system, without asking for express permission from customers

After the discovery by a user of Reddit , Apple confessed his practice and seeing what was coming, apologized to his customers and began a battery replacement program at the end of 2017 that will last this current year.

Thus, all the user who has any of the models that enter the plan , may request the replacement of your battery without questions for only 29 euros , a price significantly lower than the 89 euros previously cost. In addition, this battery replacement plan has a limitation of only one replacement per device .

Via | The confidential 

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