Steve Jobs was the king: of how with Tim Cook there are delays in Apple -


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Thursday, 11 January 2018

Steve Jobs was the king: of how with Tim Cook there are delays in Apple

It has been more than six years since Steve Jobs, the guru and alma mater of Apple passed away, and was replaced by good Tim Cook . Since then, the company has followed its evolution with moments of success and after more murky.

And well, what seems to be consensus is the fact of the delays when launching some products since the Cook era. One of the most sounded was the AirPods, the magnificent wireless headphones. His presentation, in the keynote of 2016, was a revolution, but the stores arrived very late.

So much so that the delay in its sale is accompanied by the waiting time to get some, which lasted until six weeks in some cases . Since the beginning of the Cook era, notes the newspaper The Wall Street Journal , Apple devices seem to have taken as standard that of delays. The Apple Watch, the iPhone X , the HomePod ...

In the case of the smart loudspeaker, it was supposed to be ready for Christmas that just finished and its arrival in stores is scheduled for "early 2018". Apple has lost the golden opportunity to make cash at Christmas, and Google and Amazon are rubbing their hands with this delay.

And with the iPhone X, presented on September 12, 2017 and available in stores on November 3, sold out quickly although the production got a boost and now there is no difficulty in getting one in any establishment. Nearly, Tim, almost.

Although we are fair, the portfolio of products that has the company of the bitten apple has nothing to do with that of the Jobs era, much smaller and therefore, with less possibility of delays. What conclusion should they draw? Do not announce things so far in advance , and ensure a production that manages to cope with the demand. Because everything Apple sells itself. 

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