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Friday, 26 January 2018

The 11 new features of iOS 11.3 that you can not miss

Although the first beta of iOS 11.3 for developers is already available and it is expected that in a few hours it will be made public, the official release of iOS 11.3 will take place during the spring , according to Cupertino.

Like the rest of the eleventh installment of Apple's mobile software , it can be installed from the iPhone 5s onwards, iPad Air, Air 2, the 5th generation of iPad, all iPad Pro, iPad mini 2, 3, 4 and the 6th generation of the iPad Pro.

Despite the initial bugs of iOS 11 , iOS 11.3 is a must-have installation on your device . You want to know why? Although there are many new features (some in beta), we have selected the most important ones.

iMessage arrives at iCloud 

A long-awaited and publicized function since the presentation of iOS 11 back in June 2016 during WWDC, but it has been waiting and after a fleeting appearance in beta, I will be official with iOS 11.3.

It's as simple as activating iMessages in iCloud and enjoying the advantages of the cloud in your conversations , since the photos and other attachments of Messages will go directly to iCloud. Also, there will be instant synchronization between all devices. For more security, double factor authentication and backup will be activated.

An Improved ARKit 

Augmented reality returns to your iPhone and iPad and makes it better than ever . Apple continues to innovate its technology with a new version for developers with more tools that will provide more experiences for the user.

And in addition to incorporating horizontal surfaces such as tables and chairs, now recognizes and places virtual objects on vertical surfaces. It also maps with greater precision. Using advanced computational vision techniques, you can find and recognize 2D objects as signs or posters, integrating them into your experiences. And in numbers: 50% more resolution and autofocus for better perspective.

We never have enough animojis 

In iOS 11.3 there will be new animojis : a bear, dragon, skull and a lion join the existing characters, making a total of 16. Remember that although the original animojis are an exclusive feature of the iPhone X, you can have them on any iPhone with this trick .

Of course, they are not the same : only the iPhone X has the TrueDepth camera capable of recording up to 50 different facial movements and its powerful A11 bionic chip.

A new business chat 

If WhatsApp launches WhatsApp for business , Apple is not far behind with its Business Chat , a tool integrated in iMessage that allows us to exchange messages with certain companies such as Discover or Hilton, although at the moment it will be in beta. Thus, we can perform tasks such as making an appointment or shopping with Apple Pay.

Goodbye to the batterygate

With iOS 11.3 we can see the health of our battery and receive recommendations for its replacement. We only have to go to Settings > Battery . Of course, we can only do it from iPhone 6 and later. 

In addition we can choose if we want our processor to work to the maximum, even at the risk of suffering an unexpected blackout, or on the contrary to continue safeguarding the life of the battery. The controversial function introduced in iOS 10.2.1 has been modified so that it can be chosen by the user. What will be better?

Health records

The new health records allow us to unify hospital tests and data such as our blood pressure, cholesterol, allergies , etc., in one place. In this way we can see the information and results of several medical centers , always with the maximum privacy and confidentiality that deserve this data. 

At the moment involved hospitals such as Johns Hopkins Medicine, Cedars-Sinai, Penn Medicine, Geisinger Health System, UC San Diego Health, UNC Health Care, Rush University Medical Center, Dignity Health, Ochsner Health System, MedStar Health, Ohio Health , and Cerner Healthe Clinic, however, many more will be added soon.

Apple Music wants to be YouTube on demand

... well, but payment. Because Apple's streaming music service will now allow you to watch video clips without the annoying advertising interruptions : news, classics, favorite artists ...

A safer HomeKit

HomeKit software goes further in terms of privacy, and this is very important: what good is it that we extend the protection on our iPhone, iPad or Mac if then we have appliances connected to the internet that do not have any protection? 

 The new authentication for HomeKit provides developers with the tools to incorporate an additional layer of privacy and security .

Emergency calls that can save your life

With iOS 11.3 Apple develops support for Advanced Mobile Location (AML) or advanced mobile location, something that automatically sends the location of a user when making an emergency call , something vital in dangerous situations , either through Wi-Fi or GPS.

The only limitation is that AML works in the country where we are located . At the moment only the United Kingdom, Estonia, Lithuania, Austria, Iceland and New Zealand will be able to enjoy it.

iOS 11.3 launches new section and icon: its name is Privacy or Privacy, an element that we will see when an Apple or third-party app asks us for personal information . 

AirPlay 2

Something essential to fully enjoy HomePod but you will have to wait until the release of iOS 11.3. With AirPlay 2 we can control the music from various iOS devices .

Via | Manzana 

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