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Saturday, 27 January 2018

The 25 most important ASO factors to position your apps

TheTool , one of the most important app marketing platforms in Spain, has made an interesting study about the most influential factors in the ASO positioning in both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

This study of ASO factors and trends is based on analytical data from more than 60 app marketing professionals . In this fabulous evaluation you will discover a series of infographics that detail what is most important when positioning an application or a game in the searches of the App Store.

How could it be otherwise, the 5 most important factors when positioning a mobile application in Google Play Store and Apple App Store are: name of the application, title, brief description, ratings and customer reviews. But there is more, much more…

The 25 most influential factors in the ASO positioning

As you can see in the infographic that we attach below, positioning in the search of the App Store requires well-defined factors such as the name of the application, the subtitle, the keywords and the volume of installations.

On the other hand, the Google Play Store differs from this premise in some aspects, since a better positioning differs from the Apple App Store because it has the short description and the URL of the product.

Other factors that influence the ASO positioning are the screenshots, the appraisals, the app icon, user reviews and, of course, the preview video.


According to the study, and the professionals of the sector, these are the ASO trends:

  •     23% consider that Google will offer facilities data per keyword in the Google Play Console.
  •     31% consider that the engagement will have greater weight on the ASO
  •     13% believe that Apple will add outstanding image for all apps
  •     6% believe that Apple will also provide facilities data by keyword in iTunes Connect
  •     25% consider that the description in the App Store will influence the Search Rankings
  •     2% believe that instant apps will disappear 

Ranking of ASO positioning factors to consider

App Store

1. Name of the app

2. Localized product page

3. Ratings

4. Subtitle

5. User Reviews

6. Volume of facilities

7. Keyword fields

8. Screenshots

9. Icon

10. Facilities by keyword

Play Store

1. Title of the app

2. Localized product page

3. Ratings

4. Short description

5. User reviews

6. Volume of facilities

7. Description

8. Icon

9. Screenshots

10. Featured graphic


As you may have seen, positioning an application in the App Store or in the Play Store has many complications. But with a good base and following the most influential factors of the ASO positioning that we have shared through these infographics ... your applications will be shown in the first results of the search. 

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