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Tuesday, 2 January 2018

The 6 novelties that the iPhone X of 2018 could have

It has not yet finalized the year 2017, that of the presentation of the iPhone X , and there has been talk for some time about the model that will be presented, presumably, in September 2018. What will that future model bring us?

No one doubts the following, has been a turning point very necessary for the Californian company. As with any launch, the expectation generated has been maximum and the sales response, you know, unique.

What do we expect from the iPhone X of 2018?

That does not have errors

We remember the iPhone X came standard with audio problems and with sensitivity of the OLED screen towards the cold. We will not know if the model of 2018 will bring its own errors, but that an apparatus of more than 1000 euros has these defects, solvable by software, yes , it is at least a nonsense.

The flaghship of Apple has a design, why deny it, pretty. If the continuity of the design without borders is a fact, we would be facing a success on the part of the company . It seems that we will have, according to some reports, three models of iPhone X in 2018 with different sizes, even a cheaper one with LCD screen.

Lower price of 2017

It is already known that when Apple launches a model, the price drop of those that remain in effect in the immediate. Will we see a reduction of 100 euros of the current iPhone X? The initial cost of the device has given a lot to talk about.
Improved animojis

The Animojis are only from the iPhone X, but they do not have many possibilities. We want them, but on all devices, and allow you to record for longer and without the need to use a white background. Will they be given a twist?

Improvements in portrait mode

The portrait mode lighting proposal is interesting, but it is still in beta phase . Some snapshots, especially those taken using the stage light, both natural and in mono, are not convincing.

Optimized apps

This iPhone X has been a challenge for developers, who have had to adapt their apps to the device's unique screen . Will we see in the 2018 applications finally adapted from the minute 1?

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