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Sunday, 14 January 2018

The amazing trick of Apple TV that reveals the end

I think that, if there is something that we have in common, the owners of an Apple TV, or rather, the users of video services on demand in general, we do not know when to stop . We stick to the series or the movies as if there were no tomorrow, and precisely because we think like this, we try to see everything that we can completely lose the notion of time as soon as the opening of the content begins.

And that does not improve for those of us who use the Apple device, and that is, as you already know, to know the time we have to ask Siri. There is not a single clock in the whole interface of the system, and if we want to have it, we have to resort to the App Store, where we will find some applications that will fulfill that basic function. However, Apple has added a much better solution.

Taking into account that users are not going to stop watching the series even if we miss the most annoying alarm in the world, Apple have thought that, since they can not avoid it, at least they will help us to optimize the time. For this, in iOS 11, a new function has been added in the playback bar. By touching the trackpad of the Apple TV control twice , the device will show the current time, and the time at which the content will end.

Of course, you do not know if you will try to save some boring part of the movie, series, or video, so if you try to get ahead, this time will change. In this way, we will have a fantastic tool to know if we can see a new season complete without having to damage our beloved hours in bed ... Wait, why sleep when we have so much content to see?

And you, had you discovered this trick of the Apple TV? 

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