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Friday, 19 January 2018

The App Store launches spectacular design on iPhone, iPad and Mac

Imagine a huge giant warehouse that has more than one million six hundred thousand items. Well something like this is Apple's App store, the most popular application store in the network and that without a doubt, is the best assortment .

With the arrival last September of iOS 11, it has undergone a profound transformation, being much friendlier and with a very clear character: invite you to download and buy. And now there is one more turn of the nut, it releases a new design for iPhone, iPad and Mac .

With this redesign it seems that the information is much clearer, since the opinions appear in a prominent place next to screenshots. The list of applications includes both the name of the same and the icon, as well as screenshots and information to be taken into account such as classification, whether it is free or paid, or whether or not you have purchases included within the same

Interestingly many of the screenshots that appear are about the iPhone X with its famous notches, is Apple perhaps asking us to buy its latest model? Without a doubt, it is a good marketing technique and it seems that it tries to normalize the famous notch that has given so much to talk about.

As you know, Apple decided to delete iTunes 12.7 the application store, so many users decided not to upgrade or go back to iTunes 12.6.3, which is the latest version that has the option of integrated store within the program.

And do you like this new redesign of the App Store? Do you think it's more friendly? Should I return the download of apps to iTunes? All this and more we are waiting for you in comments.

Via | macrumors 

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