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Thursday, 18 January 2018

The best music games for iPhone and iPad

Music. What would be of humanity without music? How boring life would be, right? Music songs are present wherever we go: in the subway, on the radio, in TV ads, in bars, in nightclubs ... even in the town hall square of any town!

Music is part of our lives, that is clear. That is why in this article we have decided to make a compilation with the most recommended music games of the iOS App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.
Music games for iPhone and iPad
Beat Fever

Beat Fever is one of the most popular music games in the App Store. It is the typical game in which a song sounds and you will have to mark each note with your fingers to the rhythm of the melody . Trepidante, frenetic and very funny.
Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash is a platform game in which music is very present. You will have to avoid obstacles and jump from platform to platform following the rhythm of the music. Prepare yourself for levels impossible to pass ...

SongPop 2 - Trivial Musical

SongPop 2 is a game that works as a music contest . In this game you must participate in competitions with all kinds of questions about singers and music songs.
Adventures of Poco Echo

Adventures of Poco Echo is a spectacular game that has music as a very important element of the experience . Good graphics, good gameplay and an amazing atmosphere.
Sing! by Smule

To finish with this compilation of musical games we recommend Sing! by Smule. The typical Karaoke in which you can do duets with famous artists and together with other users around the world. It is fun!

What is your favorite iOS music game? 

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