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Sunday, 28 January 2018

The best way to eat pizza if you have an iPad

The chores of life often lead us to eat while we work, or to be enjoying a series or movie at the time of dinner. Ok, we agree that it is not the healthiest, but we are going to present a solution that combines imagination , which is a powerful weapon, and effectiveness.

And as in CP we bet on ingenious solutions , that's why we go there with the necessary steps to build an economic and recycled support to enjoy your favorite series while you eat some portions of the most famous dish in the world.

Build your iPad stand

For this we need a cardboard of those used to transport the pizzas, a pair of scissors and a pair of pressure clips that are used to group leaves. It will be enough to make a cut in the area where the cardboard is folded , put the iPad in horizontal position and hold it with a pair of tweezers.

As you can see that it was quite resultón, it is simple to do and cheaper would be impossible. In addition to this you are doing a favor to the environment because recycling an item that only has one use. And is that fast food gives a lot of game when it comes to recycling the containers, we realized this when it comes to making a mini photo studio with the Big Mac box.

So you know, the next time you place an order and you want to enjoy some content on the iPad you can dare to do so . Of course, make sure that the box does not come very stained and if you dare to do so, we will be happy to see your constructions in our comments section. 

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