The best you'll see today: Hybrid of MacBook and iPad or Apple's Microsoft Surface -


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Wednesday, 17 January 2018

The best you'll see today: Hybrid of MacBook and iPad or Apple's Microsoft Surface

Apple may revolutionize the technological world with your iPhone or iPod, but although their devices are still the best in the market, many fans of the apple bite firm believe that in terms of innovation, Apple is not what it was when Steve Jobs was in charge and to tell the truth, some reason they have . In fact, the Microsoft Surface is one of those disruptive inventions that could well have occurred to the creator of the brand .

And the fact is that the Microsoft Surface does revolutionize the market of tablets or laptops with a truly unique concept: a gadget that combines the advantages of both terminals . Meanwhile Apple presents a Touch Bar that yes, it is useful, but it is light years away from changing the sector.

With the concept of the Microsoft Surface all are advantages : on the one hand the comfort of a keyboard and mouse together with the power of a computer, on the other the lightness and intuitiveness of a touch screen. In addition, we forget the diversified software in favor of a multiplatform operating system that makes everything easier.

In Cupertino want the iPad to be the new Macbook but perhaps this jump went through a completely new concept that has already occurred to the Redmond Pie, but that nothing would happen because Apple was added. After all, they have never invented anything , they have simply gone a step further and have done better.

    It only took 3 different units, but I have finally managed to get to function. Brydge keyboard for the 12.9 "iPad Pro. I like this form factor and approach a lot. Hope no issues will come up now 😬
    - Federico Viticci (@viticci) January 15, 2018

It is not unreasonable to assure that it is a concept that we envy in the Apple ecosystem , so much so that someone has already thought of making it come true. Federico Viticci, founder of MacStories, has uploaded this project to his Twitter account by simply incorporating hinges to an iPad Pro. To materialize it has required up to 3 units, but he has already been happy with this form factor and its use. The answers are of the most varied, but the reality is that it has not left anyone indifferent. Will Apple make our dreams come true? 

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