The design of the iPhone X could have been much worse -


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Thursday, 25 January 2018

The design of the iPhone X could have been much worse

One of the most controversial aspects of the iPhone X , the flagship of the Cupertino, is undoubtedly its well-known notch. Much has given to talk about the final design of this screen, with detractors and advocates on both sides.

And seen the seen, the famous notch of the iPhone X could have been, without a doubt, much worse lake. The rounded shape it has, and whether we want it or not, we have become accustomed , it seems infinitely more beautiful than if it had been finished like this, in the form of a castle tower .

It is not the most beautiful way, at least for me, but it is the most square and economic way to do it, since the machinery can adapt to this contour with considerably fewer problems . And in short, the right angle is known to everyone, including children.

And Apple thought no, that the best way to take advantage of the full screen was to eliminate the right angles and softening the edges, which is something more natural. And that's how they gave birth to the notch as we know it .

And is that the way in which Apple has topped the curved parts of the notch do not follow the typical pattern . The left and right sides have two rounded corners and due to the fall of the curve, it is not completed before the next one begins, since they combine perfectly with each other.

In short, Apple has made its notch something mathematically distinct and that does not follow the dictation of lines and curves evident in the standard mathematical world . And in Cupertino they make the notch speak for priceless things.

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