The director of Ocean's Eleven leaves the cameras: he will only record with iPhone -


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Wednesday, 31 January 2018

The director of Ocean's Eleven leaves the cameras: he will only record with iPhone

The cameras of mobile devices have been advancing at a dizzying pace in recent times. And is that the cameras that we can currently find on the iPhone X or Samsung Galaxy S8, have to do very little, not only with what we could enjoy in the first smartphones that came to the market, but with devices that saw recently the light in the market.

This has allowed more and more users to take their smartphone on vacation to make videos or photographs, which were previously done with compact cameras or SLRs. In addition, he has also allowed direct actors like Steven Soderbergh to consider filming their films exclusively with an iPhone .

The acclaimed direct, for example Ocean's Eleven, made these statements in a report by IndiWire about his film "Unsane" that has been shot in its entirety with an iPhone .

    The cameras of our smartphones have advanced a lot in recent years, and now they are able to capture impressive photos and videos that, a few years ago, only seemed possible through specialized equipment. There is a philosophical objection that many people have about the size of the capture device. I do not have that problem. I consider this as potentially one of the most liberating experiences I have had as a filmmaker and that I still have. The benefits that I felt moment to moment were so significant that this is, for me, a new chapter.

Soderbergh is not the first to experiment with the benefits of the iPhone camera , but it seems he would have no problem starting to shoot his movies using only Apple's mobile device, something that could surprise more than one at first hand, but that in light of the results should not surprise almost anyone.

Do you think we will see in the future a billboard of films filmed exclusively with an iPhone? .

Via | cultofmac 

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