The explosion of an iPhone battery causes the evacuation of an Apple Store -


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Thursday, 11 January 2018

The explosion of an iPhone battery causes the evacuation of an Apple Store

With the launch of the iPhone 8 series, some reports appeared in Asia about battery explosions in these devices . It was almost lost the count of how many units had this failure, which led to an investigation by Apple.

However, today we have learned that yesterday the battery of an iPhone exploded at an Apple Store in Zurich, and that it caused slight injuries to a person and forced the eviction of the store . Join us to learn more about this incident.

Apparently, an employee manipulated this device, identified as an iPhone 6 Plus, when the unit began to overheat . This person had to be treated for minor burns on one hand. The explosion caused 50 people, including employees and customers, to be evicted by police and firefighters in the Swiss city.

The Reuters news agency also reported that this incident caused a slight accumulation of smoke in the establishment . It seems that the matter has not gone to major and that only this employee is affected by the explosion of the battery of the device, but his condition fortunately is not serious.

Precisely these days Apple is news for having launched a program to replace batteries for models from the iPhone 6 to later, due to an issue in which the performance of the devices was slowed down for a greater optimization of the battery. It is unknown if this incident is due to one of these replacements.

Apple is offering these changes at a reduced price of $ 29 instead of the 79 that this change usually has. We recall that the batterygate was discovered by a 17-year-old teenager last December, and that the battery replacement program will be valid until December 31 of this year .

Via | cnet 

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