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Sunday, 14 January 2018

The FBI insults Apple for the excessive security of the iPhone

Relations between the FBI and Apple do not go through their best, going back to these disagreements at least 2 years ago. At that time, the FBI required Apple to enter the iPhone 5C of the shooter of the San Bernardino massacre, Syed Farook.

Apple refused to do so, even CEO Tim Cook took matters into his own hands, making public the company's sentiment . If they gave the FBI the way to enter an iPhone, it would be setting a precedent that could be exploited by pirates to make their own.

The FBI settled the dispute with an Israeli company, which found a way to enter the killer's phone. Interestingly, this company has been the same that managed to unlock the iPhone 6 of the infamous Diana Quer , whose case is now on the front page in Spain.

At a cybersecurity conference, cyber-forensic expert Steve Flatley called the company "idiots" and "evil geniuses" for creating encryption measures on such powerful and complex iOS devices.

The complaints of this official come to that due to the increase of the encryption of the devices, to use the system of the brute force to enter in an iPhone is more and more difficult, commenting that what used to take a couple of days can now be delayed to two months.

In this sense, Flatley comments that "the speed of password attempts went from 45 passwords per second to one every 18 seconds" , referring to the difficulty of deciphering a password by traditional systems, hence the lengthening of access time is an added difficulty to the investigations .

And it is that between the desires of some to take part quickly in the investigations, and others to make invulnerable terminals, the battle is again served . Will there be a response from Cupertino to the FBI?

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