The invention of the year of the CES 2018: the Home button for the iPhone X -


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Sunday, 14 January 2018

The invention of the year of the CES 2018: the Home button for the iPhone X

There are people who simply and simply find difficulties when it comes to taking on the changes. Of course, for them it is not made the iPhone X , a revolutionary mobile phone that leaves behind the traditional frames and the useful but old Home button in favor of a much cleaner interface such as gestures. It is clear that the iPhone X has been a success , its sales figures may not be overwhelming in all countries for its price, but TIME magazine considers it one of the gadgets of the year and with good reason: there is more to see horde of imitators who has harvested on Android .

Even Apple has achieved a brutal influence on the upcoming iOS devices: the next iPhone of 2018 will have its design , but also the iPad Pro, which will also adopt the Face ID. But if you take the step and still miss the classic Home button, CES 2018 has brought us the ideal gadget for you: an adapter that integrates the Home button and a 3.5 mm hack connection ... come on, teleporting your iPhone X to the distant 2015.

This dongle has been developed by a Chinese firm that has a long history as a manufacturer of accessories for iPhone and iPad and have simply seen a market niche here, among the most melancholic users .

How does it work?

As explained by its manufacturers, we just have to embed it in the Lightning adapter and enjoy a fully functional Home button , yes, without a fingerprint reader: we are left with the Face ID of the original mobile phone. This gadget perfectly reproduces the use and sounds of the Home button of always, allowing us to double click, long presses, invoke Siri ... We do not know if it also integrates the 3D Touch function, although we suspect that it is not so.

At the moment , its sale price to the public is unknown as well as when it will be put on sale . Would you buy one?

Via | iDropNews 

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