The iOS 11.2.2 update protects your iPhone but slows it down -


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Friday, 12 January 2018

The iOS 11.2.2 update protects your iPhone but slows it down

If 2017 ended regular for Apple because of the batterygate , 2018 is not that it started too well . Two batteries exploded in two Apple Stores located in Switzerland and Valencia and now an update as necessary as the recent iOS 11.2.2 , which protects iOS devices against the Specter vulnerability, but that has unleashed the controversy to reduce the performance of the iPhone and iPad on which it is installed .

And is that if your iOS device was already slower if you had a somewhat deteriorated battery, with iOS 11.2.2 it will still be worse. Fortunately, in the first case you could always request the Apple battery replacement plan that will last all 2018. But what about all those iPhone and iPad that installed without hesitation the latest iOS update to protect itself from Specter?

Well, they show it to us on the website melv1n, where they have bothered to perform performance tests before and after installing iOS 11.2.2 on an iPhone 6 under the same premises: without any type of app running, that is, with the CPU capacity to the maximum. Also, the website details that iOS is in Dutch (something that goes without saying that does not affect the score), without jailbreak, without having changed the battery or have any strange configuration. That is, it is an iPhone 6 normal and current.

After making the respective benchmarks, in a single core the score is up to 41% lower, and in multicore the performance is 39% less . Of course, the percentages of decrease in performance are alarming and the worst of all is that we can not do anything: Specter is dangerous enough to question the installation of iOS 11.2.2. Come on, do not think about it: security always goes above performance.

At the moment Apple has not been pronounced and although it is relatively normal that certain updates need some adjustments in terms of performance or management of the battery, especially if they are the initials, quite surprising these results at this point. We imagine that in future releases will be corrected and seeing the rhythm of Apple at the time of publication, will be a matter of very little time .

However, some Windows users with Intel processor have also ensured that the performance of their computers had also decreased depending on the Windows version and the processor model.

Via | melv1n 

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