The iPhone 7 is still in the top of sales where you least expect it -


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Tuesday, 16 January 2018

The iPhone 7 is still in the top of sales where you least expect it

A sales analysis conducted by Counterpoint indicates that Apple's iPhone 7 Plus is still one of the best-selling smartphones, especially in China.

Apple does not dominate the Chinese market, but it is one of the foreign companies that sells the most in the country. In fact, the iPhone 7 Plus has been the second best-selling smartphone in all 2017 .

As for the iPhone 7 model, it occupies the fifth place. And is that in China like to carry a "phablet" as a smartphone. Apple has been the only foreign company to be in the top 10 sales , with a total of 5.2% market share.
The sales success of the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus

The market share of 2.8% of the iPhone 7 Plus has only been surpassed by the Oppo R9 smartphone , a terminal that has devastated the market in China.

Currently, Apple is one of the four companies with the best sales of smartphones in China. However, sales analysis of the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X have not yet been published.

The iPhone 7 Plus has been the first Apple model to really differentiate its performance with respect to the iPhone 7 model . It has x2 optical zoom, a dual camera and the Portrait mode function. Apple has wanted to repeat this strategy with its iPhone X , through facial recognition Face ID and Animojis.

Apple will report its financial results at a conference on February 1. It is predicted that the company has reached a record of benefits, which involves more than 80 million iPhones and more than 100 million iOS devices sold from October to December 2017.

The success of the iPhone 7 Plus in China shows how consumers in the country are interested in premium models despite the fact that their market is full of low-end smartphones. We'll see how the iPhone X has been given!

Source | 9to5mac 

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