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Saturday, 6 January 2018

The iPhone 8 exceeds the iPhone X in one thing

You're probably thinking about the iPhone X , a terminal as desired as controversial . Maybe tonight the Magi bring you one, but before that happens we want you to know one thing.

Despite the incredible features of this model, such as the Animojis or the biometric identification system Face ID, there is one aspect that is surpassed by his younger brother , the iPhone 8 .

When it comes to charging these devices, the iPhone 8 does it faster than the iPhone X if both are on a wireless charging base that delivers 7.5 watts of power. The implementation of this type of technology has been highly anticipated by users, but it is still not the fastest that exists.

If you really want your 2017 iPhone to be loaded really quickly, you will have to invest in a USB-C charger and a USB-C to lightning cable . The problem we already know is that the cost of both products on the Apple website is almost 80 euros.

This conclusion is nothing special, we have referred to it on some occasions. The cable charge is always more effective than the wireless as long as you do not use the 5W charger that is still included in the iPhone case.

We do not understand the reasons why Apple continues to include it instead of putting a charger like the iPad, capable of delivering 12W and perform loads at a higher speed. But Apple's wireless charge, not as fast as Android's, is a good option for convenience as long as your charger is capable of delivering 7.5W of power .

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