The iPhone SE 2 would have a glass body for wireless charging -


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Tuesday, 9 January 2018

The iPhone SE 2 would have a glass body for wireless charging

Thanks to the movements of Apple in its various devices, its comings and goings, its daring, many technologies have achieved the success that otherwise would never have achieved. Or, simply, we could never have started leaving behind those that have become so ingrained in our daily lives that we would not conceive a world without them, as happened with the jack connector.

However, there has been Apple to give the boost to its millions of users around the world. Like it or not, and they have never backed out . And although this attitude bothers us a bit, it may be that it finally allows wireless charging to be established everywhere and begins to be a real alternative for all users.

In the current generation of the iPhone, the most revolutionary in the ten years of life of the line of smartphones, wireless charging was finally implemented. However, there was one family member left, the only one who had not been renewed: the iPhone SE, which is still waiting patiently for its renewal.

And now that, at last, the new version of this phone that has been able to cover a range of users that left behind the iPhone 5s is being rumored , we received another great news. If the information is true, the new model would also allow the use of wireless charging thanks to the use of a glass body similar to the iPhone X and iPhone 8.

In this way, all Apple's current mobile devices would be able to use this technology and, of course, the new multiple wireless charger, the AirPower , from which we are still waiting for its departure date and price. Of course, the bet of the company is still very strong, hopefully with good results.

Via | 9to5Mac 

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