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Tuesday, 9 January 2018

The iPhone turns 11 years old: 11 wishes that we hope to see in the 2018 iPhone

On this day like today 11 years ago, Steve Jobs appeared with his characteristic black turtleneck sweater to change everything without inventing anything new . And is that Apple haters accuse the signature of the apple bitten "have not invented anything." And they are somewhat right: they do not invent the mobile phone, but they do take it to another concept that later inspires the rest of the manufacturers.

They also do not invent facial recognition, but theirs is the only one that can be used for tasks that involve some potential risk such as purchases. They do not invent anything, but what they do, they usually do well .

A decade and a year after its creation, the iPhone X is as disruptive as the original iPhone and yet its users continue to enjoy it and claim more improvements. And although it is one of the inventions of the year 2017 according to TIME magazine, it has a lot of room for improvement. Do you want to see our list of wishes for the iPhone of the eleventh anniversary?

More battery

We are not going to walk around the bush: we want more autonomy from the beginning and above all, that a year later we still need to charge the iPhone for at least the whole day. We know that more battery means greater size, but we also know that the technology is advanced enough to leave behind the old lithium ion and move on to other materials such as graphene .

5G connectivity

We know for sure that the 5G will not reach the consumer electronics until 2019 , but to ask it not to be: with transmission speed of 10 to 100 times that of the 4G , tasks like going down the street watching videos in streaming or with Spotify They will be wonderful, just like playing online.
The best optics in the market

The portrait mode of the iPhone X is a marvel, but according to DxOMark the Google Pixel 2 is the mobile with the best optics on the market in 2017. Apple has always swept benchmarks and specifications and being the second is simply insufficient . We like the portrait mode and the light of the portrait mode, but it is time to go further and improve its specifications.

A truly fast load

In Android we see how the quick charge or Dash Charge achieve vertigo load speeds and in iOS unfortunately we are still in diapers in this matter . Yes, a 10 or 12W charger is noticeable, but they are not vertigo speeds.
Goodbye EarPods: Hello AirPods

Put to ask, we leave behind EarPods and their long and boring cables. The one who tries the bluetooth headset and its synchronization with Siri, hardly wants to be tied again. The iPhone is a premium product - you only have to see its price -, so it would not be unreasonable to have the AirPods integrated as standard .

A Plus model

This will not please everyone, obviously, but the Plus model has its followers: people who do not mind carrying a bigger mobile phone in their pocket and enjoy a huge screen to watch videos, play games, surf ... with the iPhone X we enjoy the Plus screen in the size of a standard iPhone, why not an iPhone version Plus that is all screen? Rumors suggest that this will be a reality this September.
A more resistant iPhone

This is more personal, but as long as I do not wear my device with a case and tempered glass, it feels good. It is what has the crystal of the casing and the one of the screen. Are you sure you can not do anything to better support the hustle and bustle of daily life? Can you imagine this crystal healing itself?

Promotions on iCloud and on Apple Music

Spotify offers 3 months for 0.99 euros, Samsung gives a few gigs in Dropbox to buy a device from the Korean firm ... so, why not follow the same idea Apple? It would be a good way for many users to throw themselves into the pool with both services. Imagine it: you buy an iPhone, Mac or iPad and you can enjoy 3 months of free Apple Music and a year with 15 GB of iCloud. I could even go further and offer something from the impending Apple TV.

The strategy is simple but effective : reward and retain the user at the same time you show him how well your service platforms work.

Custom iOS with no errors

We know it's a lot to ask and in general, never a mobile software had gone as badly as iOS 11, but hopefully this 2018 Apple will work with iOS 12 . Neither lags, nor blackouts, nor excessive battery consumption ... others can tolerate it, but these particularly unnerve users.

More transparency

This is an intangible that many would appreciate. Apple has seen the wolf ears with the batterygate and although we know that his idea is always to simplify so that their devices are simple and intuitive to use, sometimes it is necessary to communicate more and better, explain what they do and why they do it.

iOS will never be Android , so it will never enjoy its transparency and flexibility, in return we enjoy greater security and a homogeneous and robust operating system.
More wood!

We have no doubt that the A12 will be an even more powerful processor than A11 and that it will sweep the benchmarks again, and that the 2018 iPhones will also have more RAM and we really love it. Apple designs devices that optimize their resources but why not say, their chips are a true work of art of engineering . For many more years. 

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