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Tuesday, 30 January 2018

The iPhone X at the rhythm of samba, the last Apple spot

In a short time we have the carnival on us, that party that covers corners of the whole world. From Cádiz to Tenerife, passing through New Orleans or Brazil. And this is where the new ad from Apple is developed, with which he wants to demonstrate the benefits of the iPhone X and its front camera.

Last week was already released on the company's official channel on YouTube , an ad that was narrated in the background by Mohammad Ali, the American boxer, and where he compared the camera of this flagship with something very big. In fact, the phrase, "I am the greatest" of the boxer is the tone of the announcement.

And it is that if something is known the Cupertino terminal is for the quality of its cameras and portrait mode with vertical lighting, capable of taking the photographic experience a point beyond . And is that by applying certain tricks and having something eye, the iPhone is capable of taking great pictures.

And in addition to that, Apple has enabled a website where you can enjoy some photographs related to the world of carnival , all made with an iPhone X and with incredible results.

Also, an advertising campaign begins in which certain famous people are part of portraits and selfies made with the latest creation of Apple , and that has as a destination the street billboards. Will we see such a campaign in Spain?

    So proud to be a part of Apple's new campaign, selfies on iPhone X. #ShotoniPhone #NHLAllStar
    - Steven Stamkos (@ RealStamkos91) January 27, 2018

And is that although the iPhone X is not having the acceptance that the company expected, there is no denying that their cameras play at a good level, and therefore can give color and rhythm to our snapshots .

Via | macrumors 

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