The iPhone X is Frankenphone: look how many suppliers you have! -


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Monday, 8 January 2018

The iPhone X is Frankenphone: look how many suppliers you have!

From Hong Kong to Switzerland, the iPhone X combines the best hardware components available in all continents and countries of the world . Apple suppliers have been working in the manufacture and development of the iPhone for more than a decade.

Although the company of the bitten apple has replaced some suppliers (as in the case of Samsung and Qualcomm) by others (such as TSMC and Intel) from Apple are still looking for the best for your iPhone.

And the iPhone X is no exception, in the style of Frankenstein , the smartphone receives components from different suppliers around the world.

Manufacturing companies in the Apple supply chain

As you can see in the following image, the hardware components and the manufacturing materials of the iPhone come from all kinds of different places.

In Taiwan they are responsible for most of the iPhone's components; like chips, lenses for cameras, as well as packaging and assembly . In the United States they are responsible for the design of chips and finishing materials. In Switzerland they provide semiconductors, antenna design and other charging solutions, in South Korea they offer memory chips and screens, and in China they provide cables, connectors, audio components, glass, batteries ...

"Providing Apple means you need to invest a lot to develop new technologies and get equipment."

Key suppliers for the iPhone X

In this infographic you can take a look at the manufacturing companies that have been responsible for making each and every one of the components of the iPhone X. From your dual camera to your OLED screen.

Apple has revamped Asian technology companies again and again after orders for hardware components. The reports show how suppliers have become real monsters in their respective spheres of influence.

Source | Phone Arena 

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