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Monday, 1 January 2018

The most popular iPhone and iPad apps of 2017

We are almost ready with our best clothes to say goodbye to the year 2017, which has been anything but boring . We remember that it has brought us 3 different iPhones, a new smartwatch that is selling very well, and new operating system, iOS 11 .

Perhaps with what we fight daily are the apps, those tools that we carry on our iPhone or iPad and that in most cases solve many problems. Or it does not have to be that way, they simply entertain us and make us hang out .


There is a lot of controversy with Uber and the traditional passenger transport sector, but it is a reality that many users use this service to save on their journeys . Press a button and ask for your trip, and pay comfortably.


We are many who are amazed with having access to an infinite nightclub and be able to take it over at any time. Spotify has a huge catalog that will always be available if you have a connection, or you can previously download your favorite songs to listen to later.


The multimedia platform of series and premiere films, has a huge variety of titles . The best thing is that they do not forget about documentaries or about children. Your TV anywhere.

Google Maps

Without a doubt, the best way to move between two or more points is with this app. Travel long distances or wander through that city that you do not know with total ease and calm.


The blue social network, perhaps now something of each fall, but frequently updated with new surprises . A showcase to the world and perhaps the mother of all social networks.


A social network capable of showing you incredible snapshots made by users from anywhere in the world. Owned by Facebook, it has a simple interface and multiple editing possibilities.


The communication channel of Facebook. Get in touch with your friends privately with this app, which in many countries causes a furor. Against it, it consumes a lot of resources and battery, like its parent app Facebook.


YouTube was born in 2005 and it was a boom. Since we have the app, we can do a lot of things , like watching videos, creating a channel, uploading our things or editing them. If something happens, it's on YouTube.


Teenagers and young people have a great time with this app , which causes real furor . Chat and emojis together make for very entertaining moments.


Avatars, stickers, emojis and express yourself your way . Maybe in Spain its use is not massive, but in countries like Japan or the United States it is a revolution. Do you dare to communicate differently?

What are your essential free applications in this 2017 that ends?

Via | mashable 

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