The new Apple store in Chicago is literally a ruin -


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Sunday, 7 January 2018

The new Apple store in Chicago is literally a ruin

The stores that Apple opens throughout the world and known as Apple Store are wonderful. All the details are taken care of , with diaphanous spaces where a lot of light comes in and the positioning of the products is strategic, on pine tables that invite to try them, and of course, also to buy them. Likewise, the attention of its employees is also attentive and professional.

The Apple Store in Chicago , in the US state of Illinois, was no exception in 2017 . Not only because of what we have said, but because its design reminds curiously of a MacBook

Well, the arrival of winter, very hard in that city, has made the shop show its shortcomings and become an example of a small disaster. It seems that the roof does not have a system to evacuate the snow , which makes the weight on its surface high and damages the structure. The snow that overflows falls to the square and the formation of dangerous stalactites is the order of the day.

But if this is already a problem in itself, there is another added one, the birds. The shop has impressive windows that are subject to impact by the birds to be disoriented by the light of the establishment . A group of animal advocates has confirmed this point and from Apple have committed to mitigate the lights of the store at night to avoid this incidence.

Now it will be a question to see how Apple definitively solves its problems with the store's cover, since it has even forced it to close the space surrounding the store on the days when the snow accumulates. What will be the solution to the problems?

Via | gizmodo 

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