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Saturday, 27 January 2018

The perfection made photo: An iPhone 7 Plus and 6,000 meters high

Today and despite the numerous releases that have been occurring in the mobile phone market, the iPhone 7 Plus camera is still one of the best . Apple introduced in this device the double camera, which allows us to use the so-called portrait mode, but also introduced a large number of features and specifications that allowed a significant leap in quality compared to the camera that mounted the iPhone 6s Plus.

As they say, to show a button, and that Vincent Laforet has given us, a well-known photographer who has decided to make the most of the double camera of the iPhone 7 Plus. With his iPhone attached to the bottom of a jet, flying at 6,000 meters high and at a speed of 400 km / h he has achieved these sensational images, taken in panoramic mode.

All these images can be seen through the official Instagram account of Vincent Laforet, where he has posted a total of seven images taken with portrait mode , and on the same trip. Also with a simple Google search you can see some of the work of this photographer, which is the least great.

Without going very far in the search you will find some stunning night shots of London , of course from the air, which are tremendously fine as wallpaper on an iPhone.

At the moment it does not seem very clear if these photographs are part of any collaboration with Apple, for example #ShootoniPhone , although its author has stated that for now they will be added to its Air collection. Of course, seeing the quality of Laforet's photographs, it is not ruled out that within a short time we will see him collaborating actively with those of Cupertino, and taking advantage of the benefits of the iPhone 7 Plus or who knows if another terminal.

Via | kottke 

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