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Monday, 29 January 2018

The secret icon of iOS 11.3 to protect our privacy

Apple has implemented a new icon based on privacy and "anti-fishing" in the iOS version 11.3 of its mobile operating system for iPhone, iPad and iPad. Additionally, this secret icon is also available in macOS High Sierra 10.13.4.

But, in addition to protecting the privacy of users, this new and mysterious secret icon has another interesting curiosity ...

The existence of this privacy icon came to light earlier this week , when Apple released its first beta version of iOS 11.3 and users began to describe the functionality, how it works and what advantages it provides.

What is the use of the new secret icon of iOS 11.3?

The functionality is specially designed to fight against "phishing" when Apple officially requests confidential information or login credentials.

But what is "phising"? It is a computer term that describes the impersonation on the Internet. In these types of attacks, you try to acquire confidential information about a victim illegally or fraudulently. You have to be very careful with these things in these times, remember that our iPhone contains very sensitive private data such as photographs, videos, credit cards, passwords and many more.

The iOS 11.3 privacy icon is not just a simple logo of two people shaking hands. As mentioned previously, it has another very curious detail ... In the middle of the icon you can also see a smiling face , created by the silhouette of the two people who shake hands.

It is not the first time that Apple has fun creating its logos and icons. The icon of the Finder application also has a happy face. There has also been a lot of controversy with some of the iOS emojis , like the hamburger or the peach.

Source | iDropNews 

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