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Sunday, 14 January 2018

The ten best techno curiosities of CES 2018. To go crazy!

The 2018 CES has officially ended, with more than 20,000 new products announced by large technology companies. They highlighted TVs, stun cars, hardware, RGB lights, devices for games, laptops, cell phones etc., but other techno curiosities, useful and fun devices were also presented.

We present a compilation of the ten best techno curiosities that were presented during these 5 days in Las Vegas .
1-. OneLink Safe & Sound. The smoke detector that calls you to the cell phone:

Virtual assistants such as Alexa and Google Assistant also get into smoke detectors. One of the techno curiosities was OneLink Safe & Sound, an intelligent smoke detector that can call your cell phone to notify you if your house or office is on fire. It also has a speaker with Alexa to play music.

2-. Invi. Anti-theft repellent bracelet:

Invi has created a bracelet capable of keeping people away thanks to the smell it produces. This pulcher has inside a hidden compartment that, releasing a strap, releases strong, nauseating stinks patented by the company. This substance leaves the enemy confused and gives you time to escape and ask for help.

3-. Hi Mirror Intelligent mirrors

Hi Mirror, the famous mirror inrenteligente presented in other editions of the fair, scans your face, tells you the status and type of your skin, compatible products or makeup, even if you have black spots or other imperfections. Amazon also presented a mirror that dressed you in virtual clothes. Undoubtedly one of the fun techno curiosities of the fair.

4-. Sonicare Diamond Clean and Soocas X3 Electric ToothBrush Lite. The mouth matters a lot:

Philips introduced its Sonicare Diamond Clean electric toothbrush that offers total mouth care. It has improved bristles, personalized orientation for brushing, sensors and is compatible with an App that allows the user to administer daily oral care, see brushing data and receive cleaning tips.

Another firm, Xianomi also ventures into this issue, presenting Soocas X3 Electric ToothBrush Lite, an electric brush with an intelligence degree that allows to connect via Bluetooth to an App to help users with hygiene routine and inform if there is bacteria in the mouth.

5-. Laika Robots to take care of everyone.

The robots were all the rage at CES 2018. In addition to seeing some who care for the elderly, they dance as strippers, play ping-pong, Aibo the robot dog of Sony and others with the ability to care for pets. This is the case of Laïka, designed by the French start-up CamToy, a robot that can interact with your dog and control its behavior thanks to an integrated camera. If it detects something strange, it calls you to the cell phone.

6- ForwardX Robotis CX-1, and Travelmate: Intelligent Robotic Suitcases:

Artificial Intelligence arrived in the suitcases. This is the case of ForwardX Robotis CX-1, and Travelmate, who presented intelligent suitcases that combine facial recognition and obstacle raffle, to follow you through the airport or wherever you go. It also allows you to charge your electronic devices. They are suitcases robots controlled by your phone through an App.

7- PowerWatch X. Watch with technology that dresses:

The PowerWatch X, is a watch that besides being smart, does not carry batteries and feeds on body heat. Yes, your body carries it thanks to its thermocouple-based technology. Of course, it comes with notifications and Bluetooth connection.

8-. FITT360. Recording everything with my necklace.

Another of the most innovative techno curiosities was FITT360, a necklace that has four cameras with 4K resolution, as well as bluetooth, GPS and microphone. This device records in 360º hands-free and is designed to capture moments of full adventure such as trekking, bike rides, running, capturing mischief, etc. It has a battery that is charged by means of a USB cable, and offers autonomy of 90 minutes.

9-. Razer Mamba + Firefly Hyperflux forget batteries or cables.

Another of the innovations of the fair was the Razer Mamba + Firefly Hyperflux. It is a mouse gamer that has no battery or cables, uses the energy that emits the mousepad itself. That is, we will never have to carry it. In addition, it brings RGB lights to link it with the effects of other computer devices.

curiosities techno CES 2018curiosities techno CES 2018curiosities techno CES 2018curiosities techno CES 2018curiosities techno CES 2018

10-. Honor View 10. A cell phone that knows which photo to take:

We could not forget about cell phones, because at CES 2018 there were many. some that become PC, others very striking and super fine, and some endowed with Artificial Intelligence. This is Honor View 10, a cell phone accompanied by a software with AI in its camera, which allows us to recognize the photographic scene and capture the objective for itself, that is, if we are going to photograph a person, a plate of food or a pet, choosing the best configuration to make the perfect photo.

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