The Thunderbolt 3 connection would come with great benefits for your devices -


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Thursday, 11 January 2018

The Thunderbolt 3 connection would come with great benefits for your devices

If you are a user of any of Apple's Mac products you will be aware of the advantages of the Thunderbolt 3 connection. For those who do not know, it is a technology capable of offering information transfers quickly , apart from charging devices up to 100 watts and broadcast video.

It is eight times faster than the USB-3 connection, being able to offer speeds of up to 40 GB / s. Today we have known that Intel has announced a new controller for Thunderbolt 3 , which is called Titan Ridge and code-named JHL7440, and will be offered from this year 2018.

Intel has pointed out that " as of 2018 a number of the main monitor manufacturers will offer business professionals, players and consumers Thunderbolt 3 monitors based on the JHL7440 controller ."

The advantages offered by the ** start-up of this controller for Thunderbolt ** seem obvious, faster, interconnectivity, or the reduction even of eye fatigue for those hardcore gamers, since monitors can be connected with higher resolution and speed. soda.

You can also load, for example, the laptop without the need for a power supply, and can do so directly from the monitor, so that the comfort it can offer is maximum in any work environment . It will also offer the already known speed of 40 GB / s and the USB-C ports will be compatible and will use the DisplayPort 1.4, with which the improvement in the video section is substantial.

This new version of the controller comes to replace the one that was named as Alpine Ridge, and that was the JHL6x40 series, although it does take many of its characteristics from it. Without hesitation, a good progress for increasingly connected environments and without hesitation will be the trend. Less cables and therefore less mess.

Via | pattentlyapple 

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