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Wednesday, 3 January 2018

The wish list for the 2018 iPhone

Despite the fact that the iPhone X arrived in the market only recently , to become the star gift this Christmas , and also in almost certainly the best smartphone of the year 2017, we all look at 2018 and the new iPhone with those of Cupertino will surprise us sooner rather than later .

Many rumors circulate through the network of networks, which speak of the disappearance of the design of the iPhone 8 to make way for three iPhone with the design of the iPhone X, the appearance on the scene of an iPhone X Plus and a lot more details, the most of which without much sense. We are going to open our mouths to make our own wish list for the 2018 iPhone .

More battery and better optimization 

Before any change in design, on the screen or anything else that you can think of, I think the first thing we should ask Apple for the new iPhone 2018 is an improvement in the battery . The incorporation of the iPhone X or the iPhone 8 is not bad, especially if we take a look at the past, but it is still insufficient for most users who make medium or high use of our mobile device.

The new iPhone should have a greater battery, which offers us more hours of autonomy , and also a better optimization of it, something that we already noticed thanks to the new A11 processor and hopefully take another step forward with the disembarkation of the processor A12.

An even more sophisticated design 

Both the iPhone X and the iPhone 8, but especially the first, left with their mouths open to virtually everyone, thanks to its design. With a glass finish , which was very reminiscent of the materials used for the first time on the iPhone 4, a true class design was achieved, which convinced a huge number of users from the start.

The iPhone X , with its huge screen, which occupies the entire front and accompanied by the glass design was another important revolution for Apple and the market in general .

However we can not settle for this, and for the new iPhone 2018 we have to ask the Cupertino boys to introduce more improvements in design , in order to have an even more sophisticated design. The disappearance of the known as "eyebrow", new colors and above all new materials for the manufacture of the iPhone 2018 are some of the things we can imagine, although Apple may surprise us once again and leave us speechless .

iPhone X Plus 

When the iPhone X was officially presented to all we were surprised by its size, taking into account the dimensions of the screen. When holding it in one's hands, one is closer to holding an iPhone 8 than an iPhone 8 Plus. This is why one of the great wishes of a large number of users is the launch of an iPhone X Plus , with still a larger screen, and approaching the size of the current iPhone 8 Plus.

Maybe it's me, but I still find it strange to have the iPhone X in your hands, with its "reduced screen" , which on the other hand is huge. At least in my hand I could still have an iPhone X Plus with a screen for example of 7 inches or even more, maintaining the dimensions that currently have the iPhone 7 and 8 Plus.

A truly professional portrait mode 

The portrait mode has come much improved and with new options for both the iPhone 8 and iPhone X, but still in a beta mode, which lacks much to approach perfection, where Apple often approaches with a high frequency. We can not ask the new iPhone for anything other than a truly professional portrait mode and not the one that shows the shortcomings with each photograph we make.

Just use one of the new portrait modes of the iPhone 8 or iPhone X so you can see seams. Borders without sharpness or bad photographs you end up in complicated areas of a face such as glasses or different areas of a person's hair are the most frequent failures of the current portrait mode. Hopefully Apple fix all these failures, provide new features to its popular portrait mode, and surprise us on the new iPhone 2018.

An even more powerful processor 

The iPhone X hit the market with the most powerful processor in the entire market, known as A11 Bionic . For the new iPhone we must go back one step further, with a new processor, we assume that the A12, that we continue to offer a huge power that allows us to carry out any activity.

Maybe we do not need such an extremely powerful processor, but never have it, and especially for the times ahead, where Apple's cryptocurrency will be released and could be a business for all, in which the A12 will play a fundamental role .

Surely in Cupertino is already working on the new iPhone 2018 at forced marches, with the incorporation of many of the wishes that we have mentioned in this list. Now we just have to wait a few months to start enjoying them. Of course, hopefully not only find these improvements but with many more that make the new iPhone, the best in history. 

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