There is a new fashion that consists of combining the watch with the iPhone -


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Thursday, 18 January 2018

There is a new fashion that consists of combining the watch with the iPhone

It is almost impossible to predict a fashion. You can influence people to try to create one, or you can even use the same method to destroy it, however, in a society where we never know what the next viral phenomenon might be, it is a very complicated task. However, this was already seen coming from far away.

In fact, I've been asking myself all these years, since the Apple Watch appeared, which would take something similar to this. After all, Apple presented its watch as a fashionable object, as its most personal accessory . And now, a few years later, people have begun to consider the possibility that their phone and watch can make a good combination. Even when it comes to a piece of paper with a painted clock.

You may have seen something similar these days, but there are many users who have shown the world through various forums and social networks how well they combine these two technological pieces. It does not matter if it is an old iPhone, or an imaginary clock, they all have their perfect combination, and they have wanted to demonstrate by publishing lots of photos like the ones you can see right above this paragraph.

Like all Internet fashions, it will happen, and we will be completely unconcerned about this type of issues. Perhaps what lasts longer is the parody of this fashion, as often happens in these cases. What is clear, is that the perfect combination can only be achieved with an Apple Watch, the problem is that depending on the phone you have, you may come better one model or another, but that is to everyone's taste.

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