They gave me an iPad, what accessories did I buy? -


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Sunday, 7 January 2018

They gave me an iPad, what accessories did I buy?

Once past the Christmas holidays you may have found that they have given you an iPad. It can already be the iPad Pro or the iPad 2017, this tablet launched by Apple in 2010 was a before and after in the way of understanding the mobile connectivity applied to leisure and work.

If you are in this situation, we will help you to complete your gift with the accessories that you should not miss if you have an iPad , sure you like them. Take note and join us to discover them.

20000mAh external battery

With everything we move, it is essential to have a battery supplement if necessary. This provides 20000 mAh , enough to recharge your iPad several times, and has two outputs, so you can charge your iPad and iPhone at the same time .


If you want your iPad to be the perfect complement to your computer, you should take a look at this product . It is a clamp that clings to the computer screen and the iPad at the same time, with which you can turn your work desk into something more productive . In addition, with the Duet Display app you can take the task from one screen to the other.

Meem memory 64 GB

It is a versatile charging cable for mobile devices with an extra option, which is to make backup copies of photos, videos, contacts, calendar and documents on the cable every time you connect the iPad to charge. You can store data from up to three devices, in this case with 64 GB storage. The Meem application allows you to manage backup copies and the data that is saved can be transferred to a computer.

Logitech Slim Combo

The easiest way to turn your iPad into a small laptop , combining a protective case and a full keyboard so that the task of writing is as practical as possible . You even have the possibility to physically disconnect the keyboard if necessary.


The desired Apple headphones are the perfect choice for listening to music, watching movies or catching up on podscats. They have a fast pairing, their battery provides hours of clear listening and their chip W1, a work of engineering, they get you to not miss any nuance.

Smartcover type case

The protection is basic in such a fragile device, made of metal and glass. This is the best in terms of value for money , with a perfect fit, velvety touch and ability to be used to see or write

With these articles that we have recommended you, we are convinced that your experience with the Apple tablet will be much more fruitful and productive .

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