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Saturday, 27 January 2018

This 2018 you have to buy some AirPods

It is clear that the iPhone X takes all the looks, that the more than possible new iPad Pro without borders and with Face ID arrase in sales, but the gadget of Apple that least you think you need but that more you will enjoy are the AirPods .

It is time to say goodbye to futile and futile polemics such as the elimination of the jack connection . Assume it: it is not going to come back and mobile manufacturers show this by gradually withdrawing them.

If you bought quality headphones with cable, you can always use them on other devices but believe me when I tell you that AirPods are going to take your sound experience to another level .

And is that the AirPods are the best creation of Apple from the iPhone . So much so that in Cupertino they could be preparing the second generation AirPods .

4 reasons to buy some AirPods

Connecting them is as simple as wired headphones ... but better

First of all, they are incredibly easy to use . Yes, almost as much as the cable ones of a lifetime. They come in a beautiful white box that reminds a lot of dental floss. The moment you open the box, AirPods are paired with your phone, if you have Bluetooth enabled. Simple, right?

As soon as you synchronize your AirPods with your phone the first time, you can also pair them with any other Apple device in the same way: Apple TV, MacBook, iPad, etc.

The main advantage over the traditional is precisely that you do not have to walk disconnecting the cable: everything is much cleaner, immediate and with an important radius of action . How many times have I left my cellphone on the hall table and gone to the kitchen or bathroom while I was still listening to music or was on a call? That is priceless.

Do not miss a note

AirPods are smart : just open the box to see your battery level. As soon as you remove an AirPod from your ear, the music stops playing. Come on, you do not miss a note. But if you re-enter it, the music returns. It's so natural.

Also, that you can use them with Siri make them a unique, fast and fluid experience .

They sound great

Obviously they would not do any good if they did not sound good, but the truth is that they have a fantastic sound . You only have to look at the reviews of other users. Maybe they are not the best headphones in the market (it would be absurd to compare them with a senheiser of 500 euros, to give an example), but they sound very good and offer a series of advantages that make them the ideal purchase.
A fantastic design

Although one of the main complaints of users is that AirPods are only available in white , it is a gadget with a spectacular design. Minimalist, functional and fit the ear perfectly . You forget that you take them.

One of the biggest fears before your purchase is the fear of losing them in case they do not fit perfectly . Well, that just does not happen. They will fit you like a glove.

Another drawback could be its charge, but as it is done by keeping them in their respective box and have a long autonomy, you will never run out of battery . 

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