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Tuesday, 30 January 2018

This is the biggest problem of HomePod

This week has had an interesting milestone, the announcement by Apple of the sale of HomePod, its smart speaker. On Friday, February 9 will be on the shelves of stores in three countries, the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom .

And is that the longed for gadget will be analyzed with pinpoint accuracy by both users and music lovers, who will want to put their ears to the test with the creation of Californians. Because among other things, HomePod promises superior sound quality .

So what is the problem with which we are going to find? Well, it's not compatible with the streaming music giant Spotify . The HomePod will work with the music service of the company, Apple Music. That is, if you are a Spotify or Napster user, forget about playing your favorite songs on the speaker. The problem is also that Apple Music does not have a free version.

And the fact is that the closure of Apple in terms of this ecosystem, which can not be synchronized with another device, for example, an Android phone through Bluetooth, will make the haters put down a donkey, and rightly so, those of Cupertino . Let's see, you want to enjoy music, you decide for HomePod and you have to be tied to your Apple Music service and your iOS device?

The problem for Apple may be that there are already many manufacturers that offer speakers of this type, open, without restrictions to a service and that sound very good. Why bind me to the Apple ecosystem? Maybe it's something inbred and without much sense, although it is true that HomePod is coming, and we have not had the opportunity to taste it yet.

What does Apple intend? Are we missing something? All this and more we want you to tell us in comments .

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