This is Installer 5, the alternative to Cydia for iPhone and iPad with jailbreak -


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Wednesday, 3 January 2018

This is Installer 5, the alternative to Cydia for iPhone and iPad with jailbreak

The jailbreak of the iPhone is not going through its best moment. And is that the apparent decrease in interest by users joins that recently closed two of the main repositories of Cydia . However, we can still find projects around the jailbreak that make us think that it could still give the last throes. An example of this is Installer 5 .

Installer 5 is an alternative to Cydia that will be presented imminently . For you to do the idea, is a kind of App Store for jailbroken devices that will allow us to download apps and tweaks for iPhone and iPad running iOS 11 and iOS 10. The Installer team has just shared a series of screenshots and a video for us to do to the idea of ​​its operation, installation and news.

Judging by the images, Installer 5 is quite similar to the current App Store , with sections such as popular tools, categories such as Tweaks, Themes, Tools, Apps, Games, etc. To update we will have to do exactly the same as in the App Store, from the updates section.

Installer, a platform with a lot of history

This Installer 5 project has an amazing story behind it. And although Cydia is the best-known download platform, Installer or with its characteristic blue icon was the first app and tweaks manager for jailbroken devices ahead of Cydia itself . Of course, the image was completely different from what we are now presented.

Still, Installer 5 has it complicated with Cydia . And is that users with jailbreak are accustomed to Cydia, so it is difficult to jump from one platform to another and re-acquire tweaks, apps, themes, etc. again.

In addition, Saurik and other devs work with Cydia, so the perception of security and comfort will always be greater for users. But it's great news that the jailbreak is still alive and alternatives come out .

Via | iPhone Hacks 

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