This is the list of iPhone and iPad affected by the Specter vulnerability -


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Friday, 5 January 2018

This is the list of iPhone and iPad affected by the Specter vulnerability

The beginning of the year for Apple, and some other technology company in general, has been somewhat intense. We have known these days a problem that affects the company of the bitten apple , but also to for example Microsoft.

We are talking about a vulnerability that attacks iOS devices such as iPhone or iPa and tvOS devices, as well as terminals with the macOS operating system. We are talking about Meltdown and Specter .

And is that the security hole in the chips has turned on all alerts, because it could be exploited by hackers to steal sensitive information from the equipment . The companies have rushed to launch patches to solve this vulnerability.

The affected chips are those that use ARM architecture, and Apple builds its own chips according to these standards, so there could be some incidents in them. The list that we provide below is that of more sensitive devices .

Devices with some risk of vulnerability

    Iphone 4
    Iphone 4s
    iPhone 5
    Iphone 5c
    iPad (first generation)
    iPad 2
    iPad (3rd generation)
    Apple TV (2nd generation)
    Apple TV (third generation)
    iPod touch (fourth generation)
    iPod (5th generation)

While there is a certain silence on the latest devices, it is not surprising that Apple also releases security updates for these devices.

To avoid problems, it is the same ARM who advises as follows:

"It is important to keep in mind that this attack depends on malware running locally, which means that it is essential that users perform good security practices to keep their software updated and avoid suspicious links or downloads . "

That is, avoid downloading applications outside the App Store or unreliable sources. Therefore, be careful with what enters us via WhatsApp or email .

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