This is the reason why they have exploited 2 iPhone in 2 Apple Store -


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Saturday, 20 January 2018

This is the reason why they have exploited 2 iPhone in 2 Apple Store

Last week the news of the explosion of two iPhones in two Apple Store , one located in Zurich and another in Valencia, ran like wildfire through the network of networks. Both stores had to be evicted due to the explosion and the enormous amount of smoke released from the explosions, although luckily there was no need to regret any injuries.

At the moment since Cupertino, no details have been given about the two explosions , and it does not seem that he will give them. And the explosions are very reminiscent of the problems suffered by Samsung with the Galaxy Note 7 , which forced the South Korean company to have to remove the mobile device from the market, after trying to correct the mistakes without much luck.

Without official information, the only thing that has been known about the explosions has been the opinion of a user, known as Andrew Phan , who has become an expert in changing batteries of iPhone, precisely the component where the explosions in the App Stores.

According to this user, which has nothing to do with Apple, the batteries are kept in their corresponding place held by an adhesive strip. When removing this tape to change the battery, it can tear the battery , originating in the first place a smoke outlet and then an explosion.

Remember that this is not official information, but it may be perfectly valid to understand the two explosions that occurred in the Apple Store. And it is that changing the battery of the iPhone may seem something not too complicated, if you take special care. Given that the company that runs Tim Cook is changing a huge amount of batteries, problems can arise, as they have emerged, at any time.

Hopefully the explosions are over and if the reason for them is a defective battery change, they will not be repeated in the future, to avoid major problems. 

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