This link will collapse iMessage and restart your iPhone -


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Wednesday, 17 January 2018

This link will collapse iMessage and restart your iPhone

Every now and then a new text, video or other malicious element appears that causes total chaos and a collapse in the mobile operating system . It is curious how something so apparently innocent can become capable of causing such damaging damage to a device.

After the launch of iOS 10 we saw how sending this specific text with the rainbow emoji in iMessage made the iPhone crash. Now, a new bug has been discovered , and it's just as dangerous.

On this occasion, we are talking about a link to a GitHub web page that can cause iMessage to crash, the iPhone to restart automatically and have problems with the battery.

Important: We DO NOT recommend trying to access the link of this bug as it could cause damage to the mobile operating system of your device. If you visit that web page via iMessage (or any other app) you will do so at your own risk.

This is the link that causes a collapse in iMessage

The problem has been discovered by Abraham Masri on Twitter. The bug in this link affects both iOS and macOS . It completely blocks iMessage, causes system reboots, battery problems and much more.

    👋 Effective Power is back, baby!

    chaiOS bug:
    Text the link below, it will freeze the recipient's device, and possibly restart it.

    ⚠️ Do not use it for bad stuff.
    thanks to @ aaronp613 @ garnerlogan65 @lepidusdev @brensalsa for testing!
    - Abraham Masri (@cheesecakeufo) January 16, 2018

In addition, the bug can affect both the sender and the recipient of the message. In fact, even sometimes the bug can become a vicious circle, since reopening iMessage could collapse the system again. If this happens to you, the only solution would be to delete the message history from Settings> General> Storage or delete the conversation.

Most sources indicate that this bug does not cause harmful damage and that the link can be used to play pranks. Even so, we do not recommend using it since it is not 100% safe if it compromises the stability of the system . Apple usually fixes these kinds of problems immediately, so we may see a new update soon.

Source | 9to5mac 

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